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Storm Oak

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Winter Storm

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Tree Ablaze

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Addicted to the Green

Have been spending alot of time walking. Seeing the things that I normally drive by. Even going for long walks, hust to try to see the sun rise. Only thing is it rains. I shold have known with my luck. does not really matter. Was able to store some new ideas for my works. Hope that some of you will enjoy them..

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The Taming for the Shrewd

The Taming for the Shrewd,Blind and ordained obedience, Ignorance installed. We the united thralls, Give to those willingly, The lives of those we ardour. Wraiths of wasted births, Hero’s named in waste. Devotions changed to gluttony, Wealth knows no restraint. Lives of our children, Theirs as well. Given to the sectional, self-chosen few. 

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The burning Tree

Giant of a Hundred, Harm never done, You the Provider, Shading one from the tormenting Sun. Canopy given, When rain begins beating, These your repeating, Damage never done.

Injury given, Man’s maltreatment, not only in name. Willingly supporting, your ending. For he, It is only a game. Greed his reaching, Future unnamed. Only the moment, Prosperity their fame.

Cold, black, piece of metal.  Pole planted high with light, View wide, flat, exposed, Perch of unfettered sight. Green flat, obstacles erased, Giants no longer standing, Humans total disgrace. Only greys greeting, Laid in format, Man’s way of reeking, Natures end plight.

Those that claimed, That the Climate, Has not changed. Lied.

After viewing an assorted amounted of film material. I was pressed to find a way to identify my frustration and anger over the way we permit a minority of individuals to rape and pillage our true privilidge on Earth. Now there are some who may find my way of expression questionable, which is their right, But I have to ask them. Will they continue to mouth off, while a small group of people of greed destroy our earth? Forests are being destroyed so that new ski lanes can be carved into the Earth. Lodges of Drunkards are being raised and glorified by crooks who do not give a damn about our Enviroment. Table dancers, free flowing fluid drugs, and a morbid way of identifying entertainment are the showcasters way of seeing progress.

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My walk to the local Kloster

Now there are different ways of seeing an Artist and Photograph. Some think that both should look like the subject taken. With all the technical idioms written and posted. Others dictate what they think should be shown and then label the interpretur with a title or a type of __. I say I am an artist, and want to show what I see and feel. I use the tools available, sharing my way of seeing, and hope that it will be understood. What the label pushers and the Technical types think, I do not really care anymore..

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Kloster Garden

Three days sitting and watching. The same in viewing the colors, the effects of the wind. How the these wonders overtook my mind. These works are on the borderline. Or at least the inner journey was. Peace. Not the bullshit that the Politic madness would have us beleive. Just the true piece of what each and every inividual can have. 

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The way I work

Shooting Photos keeps me busy, and creative. Most of my works are not planned in advance, they are spontaneous, to include the photo montage pieces that I do.

The camera is a storage tool that collects with my eye. Connecting a new idea in my old rusty brain. These pieces I found in my long lost portable hard drive. Kind of liked myself.

While walking I sometimes come up with some nutty ideas..Shooting videos is one of my new areas. Black and White - no definite sound - my way of a short, uncut, silent movie..

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City and the Garden Series

What makes the concentration of working mixed media is not challenge of presentation. But the adventure of the peice of work. Sometimes over reaching the border and starting a new path of total satisfaction. Some say that I leave the real world for a short period. Which is very true. Wouldn’t you , if you had the choice..

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Neiderkalback Wald

Long walk today in one of the local forest wonder..Was lucky with the weather..

The stress from this week was gone after a few klicks..

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